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Welcome to Our Coast

Our Coast is the one stop shop when it comes to supporting local businesses and communities on the Central Coast.

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Central Coast Business Directory

Our professional business directory is only available for businesses owned and operating on the Central Coast, we do not offer listings for companies servicing the Central Coast, we do this to promote local business growth and to support local families. You can get listed for FREE or take advantage of our premium plans starting from less than $3/week.

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Central Coast Real Estate Listings

The Central Coast is, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful places in the world to live and to support this great area we offer numerous listing options for local real estate agents and for sale by owner with many sought after features, so no matter if you are looking to Buy, Sell or Rent we have you covered by the best in the business.

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Central Coast Car Sales Listings

Why travel to Sydney or Newcastle to purchase your new car, when the Central Coast has the biggest and best deals on New and Used cards. From our professional car yards to reliable private sales, the coast is the best place to buy, sell or trade your car.

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Central Coast Event Directory

The Central Coast wouldn’t be what it is without the great local markets, concerts and events, here is where you will find what’s happening on the Central Coast, so if you’re visiting the Central Coast or a local looking for something fun to do come check out all our great listings.

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Central Coast Garage Sales

Who doesn’t love the weekend treasure hunt? finding local bargains and rare treasures, feel free to list your Garage Sale here and watch the locals flock in, all listings are FREE.

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Central Coast Job Listings

We provide a one stop shop for employers and employees to hire and find local jobs here on the Central Coast, listing on our Job Listings is completely free and we encourage everyone to find local work.

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Hi and thanks for taking the time to Alpha test the Our Coast Website.


  • Alpha Testing is open to everyone.
  • You can add test listing and checkout using the following credit card details.
    • Type: Visa
      Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
      Expiry: 01/12/2021
      CVC: 123
    • Please DO NOT use any other payment methods as these WILL charge you and we CANNOT refund on it.
    • Please DO NOT use 'Buy with Apple Pay' as this WILL charge you and we CANNOT refund on it.
    • If you submit a test Business Listing please note all information WILL BE DELETED when we launch the business, but as a reward for Alpha Testing you will receive a very heavily discounted Business Listing when the business launches, but you will need to resubmit your listings.
  • You can also use the above details to purchase anything in our 'Shop' section. We ask you to test this feature as well so we can iron out any checkout issues, no purchases will be fulfilled and we just need you to test the buying process.
  • Please test the coupon code 'GTZVSDS5' on checkout to test our coupon method.
  • Please submit all your Reports, Bugs, Spelling Corrections, Suggestions using the following Contact Us form or contacting Aaron and Larissa Directly using the bottom right Facebook Messenger (Blue Icon), screenshots or screen grabs are a great asset when submitting and will help us understand you better.
  • Disagree with the pricing or subscription costs please send us your suggestions we will review all suggestions.
  • The website is constantly changing, nothing is set in stone, everything can be changed. We have been developing the website and business model for over a year now and continue to improve it daily.
  • Please use REPORT MISSING CATEGORIES to report missing categories from listing pages.


  1. The websites load speed and running speed ARE SLOW, we are upgrading the server once the website and business is ready to launch.
  2. The FAQ page is incomplete but we will use your feedback and suggestions to Add to it. Please submit your FAQ's using THIS PAGE.
  3. All Products in the shop will be receiving proper descriptions and images shortly.
  4. Disclaimers, Copyright and Other Legal Documents will be uploaded once our legal team has sorted them.
  5. Our Affiliate program is not implemented as yet.
  6. Account Page/Dashboard will be getting an overhaul in design and features shortly.
  7. 'Advanced Ads' Banners are placeholders for future Banner Advertisements.

CHANGE LOG - Please check back regularly to see Changes made.

27th September 2021

  • Version: Alpha 0.700 Design Overhaul Release

    • New: Homepage Created
    • Added: Icons to Search Bar
    • Added: Icons to Search Results and Pages
    • Added: Community Notice Board Page
    • Added: Options to Contact Us Form
    • Changed: Layout of Search Pages
    • Changed: Layout of Listing Results
    • Changed: Layout of Category Pages
    • Changed: Layout of Locations Pages
    • Changed: High Resolution Badge Logos
    • Changed: ‘Our Coast Recommended’ Badge to Gold
    • Changed: Page Layouts
    • Fixed: Listing Layout Error on Pages
    • Optimised: Shop Backend
    • Miscellaneous: 174 Website Code Changes and Corrections
    • Miscellaneous: 3 Phone Numbers Added to ‘Emergency/Support Numbers’
    • Miscellaneous: Numerous Spelling and Punctuation Corrections

Please Visit our Website History for older versions.

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