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What is CoastSaver Card?

The CoastSaver Card is a rewards/promotion card locals and visitors can sign up for via our website, once you list your business with Our Coast we recommend offering any promotion/discount you deem fit for the CoastSaver Card, this is a free service to businesses and will help retain and gain new customers as your listing will earn the ‘CoastSaver’ badge and listed on a dedicated page only for CoastSaver Card Merchants.

How Much Does It Cost to Offer CoastSaver Discounts?

There is absolutely NO COST to offer CoastSaver discounts and promotions to your customers. All that is required is a current Business Listing in the Our Coast Business Directory.

How To Offer CoastSaver Discounts?

It is as simple as signing up for one of our BUSINESS LISTINGS and in the options selecting ‘Yes’ on the ‘Offer CoastSaver Discount’ and then describe your promotion in the ‘CoastSaver Discount’ section.

Why Offer CoastSaver Discounts?

Our Coast’s goal with CoastSaver is to offer the Central Coast an incentive to Think. Buy. Shop Local, what does this mean for you? We encourage all businesses to offer some sort of discounts for Central Coast residents and this will results in more people hiring Central Coast professionals, shopping at local small businesses and shop at local stores and in turn keeping the money local without hiring and shopping from Sydney and in Newcastle.

Everyone on the Central Coast wants to support each other and there is no better way than a CoastSaver Card.

What Type of Discounts or Promotions Should I Offer?

Every business is different, depending on your business type here are a few examples of data researched, successful promotions that help businesses grow and retain customer loyalty.

  • *Percentage*% Off Product/s
  • Buy *Amount* Get *Amount* Free
  • Free *Food Item/s* with Every *Beverage* Purchase
  • *Percentage*% Off Hire Fees
  • Free *Service/s*
  • Bonus *Product/s or Service/s*
  • Hire *Amount* get *Amount* Free
  • Bonus *Hour/s*

There are hundreds more and if you would like further support please use the CONTACT US page to contact us and we will help you out.

CoastSaver Page Listing?

Every business that offers a CoastSaver discount or promotion will get listed on this DEDICATED PAGE for free on the Our Coast website. Also your listing in the Business Listings will have an aqua coloured logo on it indicating to customers you offer a CoastSaver discount or promotion, you’ll also display the CoastSavers Badge on your Directory Listing, this small logo and Badge could be the deciding factor for a customer to choose your business over one of your competitors.

Advertising Your Involvement?

We will soon be releasing a custom image to be displayed as window decals for businesses to display in shop windows and a digital version for businesses to use on their websites, social media and printed advertising.

All we ask is when using the digital version of the image you link back to your business post (EG: this will encourage your customers to visit your business post, increasing visibility and showing them the current discount or promotion your business offers.


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