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What Is Wish Granted

We can all agree that the Central Coast is the number one place to live in Australia. We are so passionate about helping local coasties that we believe there is a piece in every coastie’s heart that wants to help other coasties but might not necessarily know how to help a stranger.

This is where Wish Granted is offering the Central Coast their own, dedicated Crowdfunding platform. We guarantee everyone has that one wish, be it your first car, paying off that overdue bill, putting food on the table, paying your mortgage/rent, putting your kids through school, supporting a sick family member, children’s excursions, sporting events, rental bonds or support community initiatives, there is no limit on what you can wish for. We all have Wishes and everyone on the coast can help everyone, judgement free, using the power of Wish Granted.

If every single Coastie family was to donate $10 a month to any random Wish we could easily crowdfund over $878,690* per month towards helping our fellow coasties and community initiatives, and we can all start to make the positive changes we need in the world. One small donation can mean the world to someone.

*based on the 2016 census family numbers

Why Use Wish Granted

Central Coast Based

Small regional town at the entrance of Tuggerah lake to Pacific ocean on Australian Central coast. Aerial view of town waterfront along canal and distant bridge.

We are a Central Coast, family owned and operated business, we strive to support local businesses, families and communities with no political or religious affiliations.

Think Local

A warm sunrise over Terrigal Skillion on the NSW Central Coast

All money raised on Wish Granted stays on the Central Coast, we do not accept Wishes from outside the Central Coast area. This helps us concentrate all our help and support to Coasties.

Local Support

Avoca Beach, Central Coast, Australia - November 12, 2017: People enjoying a sunny day at Avoca Beach on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia. Local sport competition is about to start

Being based on the Central Coast, the team here at Our Coast/Wish Granted can support things that affect locals, quickly and efficiently with fast payouts, easy to use submissions, technical support and fraud detection.

How To Submit Your Wish

Step 1. Hover over ‘Wish Granted’ in the side menu bar.

Wish Granted Step 1

Step 2. Click on ‘Submit Your Wish’ in the drop down menu.

Wish Granted Step 2

Step 3. Fill in all the required details in the form.

  • Title: This is the Wish title, short title.
  • Wish Full Description: Put in as much detail as you can, successful wishes contain all information required to show your donators what the money is for, how it will benefit yourself or charity and how getting the donation will make you feel.
  • Wish Short Description: A small description used to advertise your Wish on our website
  • Category: Choose the most relevant category that suits your needs
  • Tag/s: This is where you can put in Keywords that when people search our website will help your wish get displayed. When entering keywords please seperate them using a ,
  • Featured Image: Upload a image that represents your wish, the clearer and detailed the photo is the better.
  • Video: If you have a video that supports your Wish, you can upload it to YouTube and then post the link here to have it displayed in your Wish Listing
  • Wish End Method:
    • Target Goal: Ends your wish once you receive your Funding Goal.
    • Target Date: Ends your wish once you designated date is reached.
    • Target Goal and Date: Ends your wish once either your Funding Goal or Date is reached
    • Wish Never Ends: This option is great for ongoing donations, you’ll still need a Funding Goal but once you reach your goal you’ll still be able to collection donations
  • Start Date/End Date: Please Enter the Start and End date of your Wish.
  • Funding Goal: How much money do you wish to raise
  • Contributor Title: Putting a tick in this box will generate a list of Donators on your Wish Page
  • Contributor Anonymity: This allows your donators to remain anonymous when donating to your Wish.
  • Suburb: This is your Suburb, Wish Granted is a Central Coast based Crowd Funding website and only allows Wishes from Central Coast residents, businesses and charities.
  • Terms and Conditions: Please read through all terms and conditions and then put a tick in the ‘I agree with the terms and conditions.’ box.

Step 4: Then click on ‘Submit Campaign’

Wish Granted Step 5

Step 5. If submitted successfully you’ll see a banner pop up saying ‘Campaign Successfully Submitted’ just press on the X in the top right hand corner of the box and you be brought to your Dashboard showing your Wish.

Wish Granted Step 4

Cost To Use Wish Granted

As A Recipient

There is zero cost to submit your wish and receive donations.

As A Donor

We collect a small credit card processing and collection fee from donors (currently 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction) an additional 1.15% if the card is issued overseas and an additional 1% for conversions to AUD if paying in a foreign currency, which you can choose to be added to your donation or included in your donation amount.

Donors also have the option on checkout to donate a small amount to Wish Granted to support the ongoing costs of running the service.

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